Sometimes we just call it a leather jacket but we must remember that leather is the material. Do you know what that means? That there is a multitude of models of leather jackets. And I say more, it is worth remembering that there are several colors besides the traditional black and brown.

If there is all this flood of models of leather jackets, the biggest question that remains is: “Which leather jacket model should I choose for my style?”. Am I right? Then comes “how to use?”.

A brief overview of the history of leather as clothing

Leather is one of the most emblematic and important materials for clothing and shoes in history. Researchers discovered paintings from the Neolithic period (more than 5000 BC) where people could be seen working on making clothes and shoes with the animals’ leather.

In ancient Greece, there was a great advance. Men learned to work by tanning and dyeing leather for better fabrication. Egyptians and Romans also had their moments. After these periods, the greatest advances came even in the 20th century, as well as fashion and its democratization in general. The great wars, the counterculture, the pop culture, and the liberation of young people were essential to what we know today.

In addition to being curious, knowing a little about history makes us understand a little about leather clothes, and it helps to understand styles and contexts these days. Later on, everything will become clearer.

Leather and styles

We all have a unique style, but this unique style is also shaped by 7 universal styles established within a study of marketing and behavior. I wrote “also”, because his style involves even more variables of psychology (behavior, posture, temperament), anthropology, sociology, and much more.

I already talked about the 7 universal male styles. Always remember that we can have more than one of these styles in our personal style.

In the beginning, the intention was just to protect yourself. Then protection and aesthetics, then we arrive at this cluster of issues around a garment. Anyway. Let’s get to the point!

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Leather jacket and the seductive/sexy style

The vast majority of leather jackets that we know today fall into the seductive/sexy style (if you’ve read about the 7 styles, you’ll understand). This is because the leather fabric also applies to synthetics that imitate leather, has the aspect often heavy, tight (close to the body), and with sufficient shine for this (not including suede). It is not a fluid or light fabric.

Culturally, associations and aesthetics our brain already understands. Especially if the jacket has straight lines and points in the design or seams.

Remember I said that we can have more than one style among those seven? If you have a lot of seductive style you will adapt to any leather jacket that fits your body and has a great fit. If your style doesn’t match this style at all, be cautious when choosing a leather jacket because you can buy anyone and never wear it because you don’t feel well using it.

Leather jacket in other styles

A person’s style is not exactly quantitative but we are able to determine by self-perception whether we are more, less, too much, or too little of a certain style. Knowing this will help you in choosing your leather jacket.

The style that goes against the seducer is romantic because of its characteristics. It is very difficult for a predominantly romantic man to wear a leather jacket, I would say almost impossible. If you identify yourself like this, I suggest choosing more rounded, fluid, and light-colored or pastel-colored jackets. Remember what I said about different colors besides black and brown? It is very difficult to find, not impossible. The use of accessories such as scarves, scarves, or scarves that match this style also helps in building the look.

People who have two other styles as dominant will know how to buy and wear different models and colors of leather jackets. This is the case with the elegant and creative. This is because they know, seek, and know where to find the best and/or different in the market.

With the exception of the romantic, all other styles may have a little more of a seductive/sexy look, but each person will go better with a leather jacket model according to their style and the occasions of use. If you shop with assertiveness, get to know yourself, and know the models, your leather jacket will be your face and used much more often.

Leather Jacket Models

For each model, I will try to explain clearly the style and options for wearing each jacket. In practically all models, a jacket at the height or above the waistband of the pants looks more modern and youthful, a jacket below the waistband of the pants conveys more maturity and conservatism. I hope you can choose yours!

Aviator Jacket

A classic made for mature men. The aviator jacket with elastic hem becomes more rounded or full (image below), so it may be less usual for that overly seductive style. In contrast, overweight people wear this type of jacket well. There are also tighter ones with no elastic hem and wool on the lapel.

How to use it?

This is a very versatile jacket, so you can wear it on several occasions from jeans, boots, and T-shirts, to tailoring pants, shoes, and shirts like the aviators and military, which gave rise to the name of the jacket. The more discreet the pockets and the seams, the better. A wildcard!

For whom?

For more discreet, traditional men, who like comfort without losing their elegance. Because it is heavier and warm, it is better for those who live or go to colder places.

Bomber Jacket

I have already spoken and given examples of how to wear a bomber jacket. The difference in using the leather bomber in relation to the others is only the more adult air it passes. The leather and the fairer silhouette of the leather refer to that.

How to use it?

She looks good in casual with boots, jeans, and even minimalist sneakers, as well as tailoring, shirt, and tie.

A bomber is another wildcard, but I make a reservation. Very thin men should avoid this model because it is basic, fairer, and with few details.

For whom?

For modern and elegant men who like to be impeccable when it comes to style. A wildcard for those who need an informal option and at the same time semi-formal. As it is not so heavy, for those who live in warm places it can be a good option for giving you many possibilities of use.

Winter, Trip, Mountain, Trekking, Woman, Nature

Shearling jacket – with sheep wool

It has similarities with the aviator jacket but this one is all lined and has the collar with sheep wool. The collar is also a little more prominent, resembling even a coat. More difficult to find or even use here in Brazil because it is too heavy and too hot.

How to use it?

If you are from the south of the country you may be able to use it more often. The tips are the same as the aviator jacket, but Shearling can transmit something even more seductive because of the collar. It looks better on tall men.

For whom?

For men who like to stand out, drawing attention for their spontaneous sensuality. Men of medium or tall stature, especially those with long necks. For use in the heaviest colds. It looks cool on men with a lumbersexual (lumberjack) style.