The COVID – 19 pandemic continues to affect countries, and an international trip during this time includes mandatory COVID-19 testing, quarantines, travel restrictions, and more. If you choose to travel internationally to celebrate a hens party, your trip may be severely affected due to these complex procedures. So, why not plan to host a cheap hens party in your hometown with your pals and create memories for a lifetime?

A hens party staycation in your hometown is the perfect way to celebrate the bride without stressing her too much, and you will save a lot on the expenses too. It’s also a unique and creative way to make the bride feel loved and appreciated.

A hometown hens party is perfect for a bride who is,

  • Focused on career and can’t take much time off
  • Running on a low budget
  • A homebody
  • Low-key and low maintenance
  • Nervous about flying

Here we’ve listed a few tips to throw the best hens party in your hometown.

Hire a Party Bus

Rent a fancy party bus using the money you saved on travel expenses to chauffeur your group around for a night. Hiring a luxury car like a limo will make the bride feel like a celebrity in her hometown.

Level-up Hens Party Decorations

Put extra thought into hens party decorations if you host the group in someone’s home or hotel. This shows the bride that you have put more time and thought into the weekend to make it extra special for her. Choose a classic theme and cheap hens night games that go well with your local vibes and activities to make the event unforgettable.

Plan a Progressive Dinner

Planning a progressive dinner at all of the bride’s favorite spots is the perfect way to help her experience her city in a new way. Go for appetizers at one place, entrees at another, and so on. You can also customize the plan according to the bride’s wish.

Don’t Invite the Groom

Don’t allow the groom to participate in the weekend if the bride and groom live in the same city. Hens party is for the bride and her team, and part of the night involves spending quality time with friends, playing girly girls, and more. You don’t want to spoil the mood of the party by inviting him to it.

No matter what you plan to do at your hens party, it will always be a weekend to remember. Don’t forget to add cute and cheap hens party supplies like hens party sashes, Pecka straws, photobooth, and more that can add more fun and laughter to your hens party.