A site with 50 landing pages manages to increase sales than a site with only 10. With a study via Hubspot, you will find that these famous landing pages are one of the pillars of the lead generation process. . By definition, this is the page the visitor arrives on after clicking a link or ad. It is, therefore, the conversion page par excellence that allows you to qualify a visitor as a lead, then as a prospect and finally as a customer.

In this section, we showcase all the best landing pages designed with Hubspot.

The stages of conversion by landing page

To reach the end of the conversion process, it is essential that the visitor hooks. Three phases will therefore allow him to achieve this: he will first click on the call to action button. Then, he will fill out a form with certain information on it in order to access the offer that interests him. It is also on this occasion that you will add a contact in your database. Finally, they will be redirected to a thank you page that will tell them how to access the white paper, or the premium offer, etc.

Getting started in the HubSpot Academy

If you’re new to HubSpot, you’ll find an e-learning program in the software. Courses on the various features are available to familiarize you with the basic concepts.

The program will lead you to address topics such as defining objectives, the fundamentals of HubSpot, how to attract visitors, etc. Among other things, HubSpot shows you how to get data about your visitors, leads and customers. This information will allow you to enhance or enhance your performance and establish sales and marketing actions. The “Settings” tab, then “Notifications” will activate the regular reports of your site, your blog or your Facebook page. The “lead revisit notification” feature also allows you to collect data from your contacts.

Hubspot also has its advantages of managing your social networks, connecting all of your social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, etc. This will help you in sharing your content: your videos, your images, e-books and blog posts. Thus, they will be broadcast on all your networks once the publication is complete.

Once you have mastered the tools and basic features of Hubspot, you can generate leads by creating your own landing pages.

Going deeper, you will find on “lead revisit notification” other tips and the steps to follow to generate leads: content marketing, blogging, site referencing, creating calls to action, how to retain customers, etc.


The creation of the landing page on HubSpot

To start, access your navigation bar by going to the “Content” menu, then “Landing pages”. At the top right of your screen, you will notice a “Create a new landing page” button to start your work. Select a template to facilitate your task in case of possible searches and provide a clear and structured name to your landing page. For formatting, you will access the content of your landing page. Enter all the information relating to your offer.

In summary, you will integrate an incentive title, a small description highlighting the advantages if the visitor fills out your form and the visual of the document.

How to configure your information form?

The field to be filled in must match the value of the document that the visitor is going to download. To adjust certain important formalities, you can click on the window which allows you to adjust the functionalities of your form. If you want to display your contacts, you can configure the “What should see a visitor after submitting your form” part.

Either you lead your visitor to a thank you page by clicking on “Redirect to another page or you follow the form filling with a confirmation message by selecting” Display an online message “. But it is recommended that you redirect your lead to a thank you page.

With the “Post submit actions” part, you have the opportunity to define automatic actions after your lead has filled out his form. The “add to workflow” button will automatically include it in your lead nurturing program. And with “Send a follow-up email”, you will systematically send him an email explaining the offer that he can download for free.

This is a good alternative because the visitor, curious to access your offer will be required to provide you with his e-mail address. This is already a good point for you.

Writing the landing page

In order for your landing pages to be effective, you need to realize that your ultimate goal is to convert visitors into leads. In this case, be sure to write them well.

To start, write a clear and concise title, serving to steer them towards action. Then develop the offer in detail. Make visual emphasis to emphasize important information. Put these terms in bold or in colour, for example. The Internet user must be focused on this offer. This is also why you must remove all the other navigation menus that might distract him.

The images and videos are always a very good effect. They have a real impact compared to texts because they allow you to better understand your offer.