The first step to making sure you reach your lead generation goals is to set goals. When you have studied the prerogative of your marketing plan, you must define objectives for profitability, performance, that is to say, SMART: specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound. These are specific goals that you must achieve. They should therefore be as precise as possible. 

For lead generation you need to measure your goals, you need outcome indicators. They allow you to control what you have started, in this case, to determine if they are realistic or not. But that is not enough, they must be achievable. You must therefore define from that steps to cross it. The means to achieve these goals are very important. So you have to see if you have enough time if you have the necessary material to put your marketing plan into action. Finally, set a deadline on your strategy. If you are one of those who intend to get started in building a business, via the internet, in this article, discover 8 detailed examples of the most common smart lenses you should have. 

1- The increase in traffic

For businesses and brands that sell their products online, traffic is a priority. The reason? It helps to deliver results. In fact, consumers do some research on the internet before buying a product. They will therefore consult several sites at the same time, including yours. This is why if you want to increase your audience, you must appear in the top of search engines and social networks. 

The best way is to use inbound marketing to create content that is favorable to capturing attention , that is, to publish information that your visitors need to arouse the desire to know a little more about your brand and your products, to encourage them to buy yours instead of those of your competition. The more content you create , the more likely you are to appear on the first pages of search on Google engines. 

2- E-reputation

It’s about improving the image of your brand or business to boost and get lead generation for your business. Marketers who focus on this issue have been shown to be more likely to generate leads. When prospects know you and interact with each other on the platforms, they can recommend you to those around them. 

You gain a better position against your competitors.  Take into account the mentions, opinions and links published by Internet users on your products or services. 

3- The conversion of prospects into customers

From your site, you can generate more leads  by increasing the conversion rate. You have to be able to transform your Internet users into potential customers. Start this from tools like Google Analytics for example. Integrate call to action, a landing page to attract contacts. Also, be sure to personalize your content as much as possible. 

4- Attract a quality audience

Having a ton of contacts isn’t enough if you want to generate leads. To target quality contacts, your content must appear useful in the eyes of potential prospects. From several tracking techniques using CRM software, you can easily establish what your contacts’ preferences are, including which pages they have visited, which e-book they have downloaded. 

5- Boost your sales

Many of you are currently using the internet to increase your sales. To do this, you must do everything you can to build trust between you and your potential prospects . Lead nurturing is one of the best ways to keep internet users coming back to you. This consists of supporting them throughout the purchasing cycle.

6- Retain customers

While having customers is already a good thing for a brand, retaining them is quite another. Lead generation  also means retaining prospects, creating a community. And that’s exactly what social media will be used for. Internet users who share your brand’s values ​​will become your ambassadors. To find out which ones are the most loyal, evaluate your community by surveying the number of your fans, your followers.

7- Attract influencers and bloggers

To have all the chances on your side in a marketing strategy, do not under any circumstances minimize the strategy with the influencers . The first thing you will do to do this will therefore be to identify your influencers. 

You can also contact them to include impressions of your products on social networks. 

8- The engagement of Internet users who visit your site

To have more visibility and gain notoriety in the eyes of Internet users, you must ensure that they are engaged. So there must be a certain degree of buy-in and closeness between you and your prospects for this. 

If you want to evaluate this goal or lead generation, you can for example refer to the bounce rate, the number of likes on your page, the comments, the shares they have made.