A hardwood flooring specialist, or even a handy do-it-yourselfer, can quickly restore minor damage to hardwood floors. If your hardwood flooring in Mission Hills KS needs a little extra care, here are some common hardwood floor issues and solutions.

Cracked or split wood

Many hardwood floors create tiny splits or cracks in the surface of the wood over the years. These can be spot-repaired to secure the two pieces together with some angled nails. You may want to think about refinishing the floor if your floor is suffering from significant cracks. And if the split is particularly bad, you can probably completely replace the broken plank.

Gaps between the Planks

The appearance of gaps between planks is another common hardwood floor issue. Mother Nature is the most frequent source of the differences between the boards. Wood shrinks when it dries out, and when it gets damp and hot, it expands. The most frequent cause is the frequent expansion and contraction over time and is the core reason why most gaps are recurrent in nature. Your best action plan, perhaps, is to exercise patience. The normal process of things, when the weather shifts, would begin to close gaps. As a rule, the flooring is natural and there’s nothing to worry about if the difference is less than the thickness of a dime. If your holes are more persistent, you can need to call in a specialist to tighten your hardwood floor in order to avoid being a concern.


When the boards warp and rise away from the subfloor that they are connected to, a buckled floor occurs. If buckling is a problem, you’ll most likely need to call in a hardwood floor installer to find the root of the issue. You will need to take the required steps after the cause of your buckling has been found to ensure that your hardwood planks are securely attached to the subfloor so that the issue no longer persists. You can hire a professional for hardwood floor repair in Mission Hills KS.

 The Cupped Floors

Cupped boards, often referred to as wash boarding; gradually grow over the width of the wood shred whose edges of the hardwood planks rise and the board center sinks down. A moisture difference where there is more water on the bottom side of the wood plank than on the top is the explanation for cupped floors. The only solution is to regulate your home’s moisture levels and to allow the surface time to return to normal. You should have professional sand flat and re-finish it to perfection after the floor has stabilized.

Distorted Hardwood Floors

Damaged hardwood floors, for any homeowner, are a serious issue. It is always the product of extreme moisture issues, and it is important to urgently fix any signs of warped hardwood floors. Warped floors are rarely the product of defective hardwood or construction, but they are a sign of greater moisture concerns that need to be taken care of in the home itself.

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