Do you know how many grams of proteins that you need a day? Do you know how to find out? The answer is a protein intake calculator! It only takes a minute to determine how many grams of protein you need per day based on your individual goals, body type, and exercise regime. Knowing your daily protein intake needs will put you on the optimal road to achieving your body composition goal, whether your goal is losing weight, building lean muscle mass, or maintaining general health. 


Just go to AGN Roots Protein Calculator. It’s thorough, easy to use, and the best protein calculator online! The calculator considers many factors within the design, including activities, intensity, goals, and body types. The AGN Roots protein calculator is entirely custom and does not spit out a one-size-fits-all solution. 


The output will deliver a daily protein intake range for both workout-days as well as rest-day scenarios. The calculator supports anyone eager to optimize their body’s recovery and allows the user to learn how much protein they need, how much protein they should be taking on training days, and how much to reduce protein intake on rest-days. It also calculates a recommended maximum protein quantity you should obtain from a supplement versus whole food on these days. 


To use the best protein calculator, go to AGN Roots Protein Calculator and enter the requested information. The inputs include various items such as weight, gender, and body type. There are also questions about your personal goals and current exercise intensity, and preference for anaerobic or endurance-based training.  


There is a question about the number of steps you take per day, which indicates how active a lifestyle you lead when not in the gym or yoga studio. The final question asks about your age range. All non-invasive, relatively painless easy to answer questions, and in a matter of seconds, you get a recommendation for the amount of protein you need (in grams) based solely on your individual needs.


Why Use a Protein Intake Calculator?


Most people generally need between .8 and 1.0 grams of protein per pound of body weight; however, you are not “most people”. This blanket range of protein intake is a bit draconian for most as it does not provide the custom solution for the health-conscious individual, let alone an active athlete.  


The Importance of Protein


Protein is essential because it is one of the main building blocks of the body’s soft tissue composition. The amino acids that make up the protein structure supply your body with a constant repair and maintenance mechanism that your body needs to function. If your body doesn’t get enough protein, it could start to break down muscle to make up for nutrition intake. This phenomenon is evident when athletes over-train and under-eat. Although under-fed athletes may lift heavier, their bodies are very stressed and have lost volume and size.


A high protein diet is great for the body for many reasons, including that it promotes weight loss because it decreases appetite, reduces cravings, and gives you a better body composition.


Whatever your personal goals and needs are, protein is a crucial part of a healthy lifestyle. Your maximum potential becomes evident when your diet and training regime work in harmony to increase your strength and endurance while reducing recovery time. Without protein in the optimal quantities to fuel your body, any efforts towards your fitness goals may seem futile. 


If you are unsure how many grams of protein a day is right for your current lifestyle and goals, check out the AGN Roots Protein Intake Calculator and determine precisely how much protein is needed to help get you there.