A themed party is the best party, and if you are an avid food lover, there’s no theme better than a pasta party! Pasta is a universal dish that can be cooked and served in many styles. If you are planning a pasta-themed party, the party hall must contain everything from Italian music to delicious carbs. The experts from the leading pasta restaurant in Vancouver list a few tips to throw a perfect pasta party.

Set the Stage and Mood

Set the mood for your pasta party by adding an Italian-themed décor of a pasta restaurant in Vancouver. Hang an open sign, set the tables, and use red and white checkered table cloths to create a look of a traditional Italian restaurant. You can also set the tone for the night by creating an Italian-themed playlist. Add some upbeat songs along with the light Italian theme music that makes your guests dance and have fun.

Dress Up the Table

As mentioned earlier, dress up your tables like an Italian restaurant with a classic red and white checkered table cloth. You can also add mini-Italian flags, napkins, extra seasonings, and more. If you are on the creative side, you can swap flowers with uncooked pasta shapes, utensil holders with tomato cans, and more. Complete the look of your Italian-themed table with a charcuterie board that features meats and cheeses. This can also double up as a delicious appetizer for your guests too.

Party Food

Party food is always fun. Before serving the main course, provide your guests with an antipasto platter that features bruschetta, lasagna rolls, and more. Ensure that your antipasto platter serves bite-sized food that can be easily carried by your guests while they are communicating with the guest and having fun.

For the main course, set up a pasta bar filled with different types of pasta shapes from which your guests can choose their favourite. From spaghetti to bowties, there are different shapes of pasta that can make your guests go wild. If you want to add some adventure and fun, throw some food colouring for a pop of colour. You can also ask your guests to try various combinations of different shaped noodles with different sauces.


Take your pasta party to the next level with different toppings like Italian sausage, shrimp, and more. You can also add tomatoes, olives, basil, cheese, and more for your guests to choose their favourites from.

In addition to these, you can also provide some sides like garlic breadsticks, salads, and more.

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