We Australians love and enjoy the summer season with kebabs. Aren’t we? That’s when we throw BBQ parties, go swimming, camping, surf on the beach, and other outdoor activities. If you are throwing a summer party, why not set up a simple kebab station? Of course, it’s hard to match the taste of a good burger. But, if you need a change and looking for something different, kebabs are a great alternative, and you could use meat, fruit, and vegetables all at once.

Your guests will love to eat their own combinations. However, people tend to make certain mistakes when grilling kebabs. Grilling the Sydney kebab at the right temperature at the right time is the key to taste. Here are the most common mistakes people make when grilling kebabs: –

Using dry wooden skewers

Soaking the skewers is a must, and this is rule number one when cooking kebabs. Wooden skewers are made of wood and it is flammable. Soak the wooden skewers in water for at least 30minutes before using them for grilling the kebabs. Since the skewers are water-lodged, they won’t catch fire while cooking your kebabs. Always remember, only you can prevent kebab fires, and soaking the skewers is a crucial step in grilling kebabs.

Not marinating meat and vegetables

While salt and sugar are enough to make a good burger, marinating the vegetables and meat before cooking is a crucial step. Skipping this step can result in grilled kebabs without any taste. The more time the kebabs are marinated and left, the more delicious. As soon as you receive the meat from a kebab shop, wash, marinate, and let it soak. These preparations should be done prior to the party. The goal is to impart as much as flavour possible into the meat before grilling so that you don’t require any sauces or dips later on to enjoy them.

Not using separate skewers for meat and vegetables

Remember, meat, vegetables, and fruit don’t cook at the same speed. Different types of vegetables and meats require different timings to get cooked. A chicken thigh cooks differently and requires more time than zucchini and onions. To make sure everything gets cooked, use individual skewers for grilling meat, onions, fruits, and vegetables, and then arrange them as you wish or guests wish.

Not laying the kebabs in the same direction as the grates

The direction in which the kebabs are laid out and grilled is crucial. Place each kebab diagonally across the grates, and keep rotating them in 180 degrees for optimal grill marks.

The next time when you are throwing a party, avoid these mistakes. Get quality kebabs from kebab house. If you are looking for quality meat for making kebabs, approach Sydney kebab.