Attracted by the world of fashion, would you like to train in this field to make a living from your passion? From the end of college, you have the possibility of orienting yourself towards different courses. Which diplomas can you aim for according to your level of studies and which specialities to choose? This article answers all your questions on the subject.


It is possible to train in fashion professions at the end of college. Thus, you have several possibilities depending on your level of studies.

Orientation to the field of fashion after the 3rd

After the 3rd, you can choose to prepare a CAP Mode if you want to quickly enter the professional world or opt for a Bac pro Mode.


The training to obtain a CAP Mode takes place over two years. It combines theoretical and practical teaching. You can prepare for your diploma in a vocational high school or in an Apprentice Training Center. This second possibility concerns pupils who choose the path of learning. This allows you to learn the trade directly in the field, alternating periods in a training centre and time in a company. If you opt for vocational high school, you will have to complete an 8-week internship.


The Bac pro Mode is prepared in 3 years in a professional high school. Accessible after the third year, it is also open to students with a CAP. Depending on your preferences and your project, you have the possibility to follow this course in apprenticeship or not. Whatever your choice, you must have a period of internship in a company. It will extend over 22 weeks (minimum)
spread over the 3 years of training. The advantage of the Bac pro Mode is that it opens the way for you to higher education while preparing you concretely for the various professions in this sector of activity.

Higher education in the fashion professions

After your baccalaureate, would you like to study fashion? Whether you want to follow a short course or a long course, you have a choice between several options. 


If you plan to integrate yourself quickly into working life, you can choose a BTS Mode or a BTS Design de Mode (replaced by the DN Made major in Mode). 

The Brevet de Technicien Supérieur is a Bac + 2 level diploma. Its aim is to provide you with all the knowledge and skills necessary to facilitate your integration into the professional world. For this, the program provides for an internship period of 4 to 6 weeks in a company. It is also possible to prepare these BTS alternately. 

After obtaining your diploma, you will be able to enter the labour market by aiming for a designer or creative assistant positions, for example. But you will also have the choice to continue your studies in order to specialize in a particular field. Thus, you will be free to orient yourself towards a professional license or even to consider a Master. 


The DN Made major in Fashion is a Bac + 3 level diploma which is prepared in 3 years after the baccalaureate.

The Fashion major of the DN Made allows students to train in the creation and design of clothing and fashion accessories. The diploma is organized around 3 main lessons:

  • the  generic lessons
  • the  transverse teachings
  • the  practical and vocational education


The pro Mode license takes one year at university. It is accessible to people holding a Bac + 2 level diploma and offers several opportunities: direct entry into the professional world or further studies in Master Mode. 

The Fashion Bachelor is prepared for over 3 years in a fashion school or a higher art school. This type of training is available on the application form. Selection is based on academic results, CV and cover letter. The Bachelor is a Bac + 3 level diploma which allows direct entry into a company or to continue towards a specialized Master. 


The Master of Fashion (Bac + 5) will help you improve and refine your knowledge in a specific field. This route is open to students holding a Bac + 3 level diploma. Be careful, however, the schools select the candidates according to their motivations and their background. 

Finally, fashion schools are private establishments that offer training courses ranging from the end of high school to the bac + 6 levels. In addition to the most common diplomas (BTS, Bachelor, Master), it is possible to follow more specific training such as the National Diploma of Trades of Art and Design (DNMADE), at bac + 3 level. 


The world of fashion brings together several very different professions. Depending on your tastes, you can opt for specialized training in a specific area. 


Among the training courses focused on design, you will find:

  • The CAP Mode: You will discover sewing techniques and learn to design a garment by mastering the manufacturing processes. You will also study the methods allowing to control the quality of a product;
  • The Bac pro Mode: Like the CAP, this training will lead you to acquire the skills to carry out all operations related to the design of a product. You will discover how to create a model and manage the different stages of its manufacture until quality control;
  • The BTS Mode: The program includes notions of arts applied to textiles. It also includes a section dedicated to the creation and practical work;


Would you like to improve your skills in the design sector? After the baccalaureate, you can choose different degrees:

  • The BTS Fashion Design: It brings together the former BTS Fashion Design and BTS Textile Art. It aims to train professionals capable of creating ready-to-wear collections. You will approach the concepts of innovation and creation. You will learn to observe trends and evolutions in the fashion world;
  • The Fashion Design Bachelor: If you choose this specialization, you will study modelling and styling techniques;
  • The Fashion Master in Fashion Design or Modeling: You will discover how the fashion market works and develop your design skills.


In order to specialize in the field of marketing, you can take a Pro Fashion License or a Business Development Bachelor in the fashion and luxury sector. You will study more specifically marketing techniques and communication methods specific to the world of fashion.


Want to direct you to a position of responsibility? Some training courses focus on the notion of management. This is the case, for example, for the Bachelor and the Master in Fashion Management. 

Among all these possibilities, you will inevitably find the ideal training to prepare yourself for the job of your dreams!