Are you joining the video bandwagon for your brand? Well, congratulations as you are moving in the right direction. Video content is visually appealing, and people retain them better. So, using it as part of your marketing campaign is a novel idea. But creating video content for your brand is not as easy as it sounds. You cannot start shooting with your camera and upload video content that leads to high lead conversions and more.

To create compelling video content, you need equipment, research, and editing prowess along with a lot of things. Of course, making mistakes is okay as you will learn from it. But if you continue to do so, it will cost you a lot. Therefore, to help you out, we are listing a few common mistakes that you should avoid while creating a video.

Let’s begin

Mistake 1: Not having a defined goal in mind

You cannot start creating videos for your audience if you do not have a defined goal in mind. What are your goals from the video? What you expect to achieve is something you should have clarity on before you get down to writing a script and making a video.

When you know your target audience, you are aware of the tips that will work on them? Because you know what they are looking for and what solutions they need? So, keep that in mind, and your goals will reveal itself. Maybe you want to increase sales or create awareness about your brand. Knowing the result, you are looking for aid in coming up with a perfect video concept.

Mistake 2: Not choosing the right background

If the background of your video is not right, the message won’t get across properly. So, when choosing a location, you need to be careful. It should not be distracting with people bustling and hustling which takes the attention of the viewer from you. Neither it should be dull that people find it too boring to watch the video. It is best to do a tour of the potential location before you start shooting to avoid all these issues.

Another thing related to the background is the fake ones that we put up using a green screen or wallpaper or so on. Do not use them until and unless you are sure how to use them. Also, for people making YouTube videos, a consistent background can work well as it gives a feeling of familiarity, though you can tweak it up a bit.

Mistake 3: Not adding outro to your videos

Outros are crucial to all videos as they give a proper end to your video. Also, they have a consistent theme with a minor change which aids with brand image and familiarity. Another plus point of adding an outro to your video is the fact that you can add CTAs to your outro, like asking viewers to click on a link or subscribe to your YouTube channel and more.

But the mistake people make is either they do not add an outro, or they do not make efforts to make a compelling one. An outro can help with engagement and leads, so you need to make it appealing. Use an outro making tool like Canva or Snappa that will grant you a professional outro.

Mistake 4: Dragging the video for too long

The attention span of people is too short, and everyone is looking for entertainment or value in a video. So, if you drag your video or make it invaluable for the viewers, they would not watch it. They would discard it immediately. Thus, keep your video content short and interesting.

Depending upon the type of video and the platform you are sharing it on, you can choose the time limit of the video. For instance, a video ad for Instagram or an explainer video should not exceed 90 seconds.

Mistake 5: Not having a solid script

Without a solid script, how will you structure your video? You would have no idea which scene to shoot when and first, and how? Also, it makes your mind go to different places which are never great for your content. So, write a script no matter how big or small your video is.

For a beginner, making mistakes is common. But if they do not learn from it or do their research before plunging into something new, that can lead to catastrophe. So, use these tips to avoid common video creation mistakes.